How to understand the keto diet for Beginners


What is KETO diet for weight loss 

and why you like it?


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The principle of this diet is to eat fewer carbohydrates and more fat.
The most important thing is to attenuate the consumption of sugar and starch,
but you'll eat many other tasty dishes and at an equivalent time lose weight.

The essence of the KETO diet

The fact is that you simply completely remove from the diet food during which carbohydrates are contained. At an equivalent time, you increase the amount of protein and fatty foods.

The effectiveness of the KETO diet for weight loss

Keto diet has been shown to be effective in many studies and is extremely popular. it's become popular thanks to its high effectiveness within the fight
against fat deposits. on the average, you'll lose from 0.5 to three kg per
week, counting on what proportion excess fat you've got at the initial stage.

Such rapid weight loss has become possible thanks to the very fact that the
body is rebuilt to urge energy from fats and in conditions of calorie
deficiency within the diet, it begins to consume your reserves of subcutaneous fat.
Basic principles and rules.

In order for the ketone diet to bring not only the result but the advantages, it
is worth adhering to the subsequent principles:

1- Eat food that doesn't contain carbohydrates, the exception will
be only vegetables, but not starchy

2- Drink a minimum of 2 liters of water for women and 3-4 liters for men. If
you drink an insufficient amount of water, you'll get bad breath and urine.

3- Fiber must be present within the diet. The optimal amount of 30 grams. Cellulose is important for the right functioning of the
digestive system.

4- To form the method of losing weight faster, add exercise. 20-30 minutes at the initial stage are going to be enough.

Benefits of KETO diet

a- Rapid weight loss
b- Reduction of annoying feelings of hunger
c- Improved mood
d- Normalization of vital sign and blood   glucose
e- Improved sleep quality
f- Fast and clear mind

Types of KETO diet

• classic - you consume a little number of carbohydrates a day.
Many people prefer this feature, like this scheme, you'll eat a little
amount of fruit a day.

• target - you're taking a little number of carbohydrates within the evening
before the day once you have a planned workout, it'll offer you a burst of energy.

• rotational or cyclic - on behalf of me personally - this is often the simplest option. Once a week you allocate an 8-10-hour window during which you eat everything
that you want. this could be predominantly carbohydrate food to
replenish glycogen stores and stop the metabolic slowdown.

What are you able to eat a KETO diet?

• any meat and meat offal
• fish and seafood
• oil
• non-starchy vegetables (all vegetables are possible, with the exception of potatoes, carrots, and corn)
• eggs, in any form
• dairy products without sugar (milk, cream, pot cheese, kefir)
• mushrooms
• hard and melted cheese
• tea or coffee without sugar

What are you able to eat a KETO diet in limited quantities?

• low-carb berries and fruits (raspberries, strawberries, cherries,
currants, blackberries, kiwi) - no quite 7 oz. per day
• dry wine - once every week, 1 glass
• nuts and seeds (almonds, hazelnuts, cashews, sunflower
• bittersweet chocolate with a minimum of sugar – 1 - ½ oz.
• carbohydrate-free drinks (Coca-Cola light, zero)

How to save on the KETO diet?

Many keto products could also be a touch costlier than cereal products,
but at an equivalent time, the keto diet is far cheaper than most of the people
might think.

• search for great deals. you'll always find an honest sale or
coupons for food suitable for the Keto Diet. Usually, you'll
save a big amount of cash if you check the shop offers
in the neighborhood.
• stock bulk and cook beforehand. If you belong to the sort of people who don't wish to spend time cooking, this is often the simplest for you.

Buying products in bulk (from manufacturers, distributors, or wholesalers) will help to significantly reduce your costs. In
addition, you'll make preparations or prepare food in advance. So you'll save both time and money.

• Cook yourself! Despite the very fact that it's very convenient to shop for
and cook from semi-finished products, it always increases the
cost of products. Buy uncut vegetables, intact meat, mayonnaise, and gasoline station. Just try making it yourself at home.
This simple tip will help reduce your food costs.

How to easily start KETO? 
Entering ketosis is sort of simple, but an abundance of data can
make it so complicated and confusing. Below may be a list of actions that
need to be done, compiled so as of importance:

• Limit carbo. attempt to stick with no quite 1 ½ oz. of carbo.
• Reduce your protein intake.
• Stop worrying about the quantity of fat.

Fat is the main source of energy for keto, so confirm you supply your body with plenty
of it. you'll reduce on keto and without starvation.

• Drink water. a minimum of 2 liters of water per day. confirm you drink enough water throughout the day. This not only helps regulate many vital processes, but also reduces the sensation of hunger.
• Avoid snacking.
• Start fasting.

Fasting is often a strong tool for increasing ketone levels throughout the day. There are many various options for using hunger.

• Add sport. it's known that exercise improves health. If you would like to get the foremost out of your keto diet, add 20-30 minutes of exercise per day. Even an easy walking tour will help regulate weight loss and blood glucose levels.



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